Saturday, April 18, 2009

Welcome, all!

I always held those with blogs with the highest respect. Be it their willingness to share their secrets/struggles/successes, their ability to write a sentence that will capture the attention of even the most fair-weather of readers, or merely the motivation to keep it updated, the abilities of the blogger continues to amaze me. Why I have decided to join the flock is still beyond me. I don't know if I have anything to say that holds anyone's interest, and I know for sure that I hold no great insight into life's little episodes. I have no answers, no expertise, and no ability to form a sentence. All I have is a life that continues to teach me about who I am, was, and am becoming. Hopefully, someone out in cyber-land will be in the same boat as me.

A bit about me? Well...for right now I am a mother, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a student of life, a mediocre artist, and most importantly, a lover of the Lord. My God has done amazing things in my life that continue to stupefy me. He has blessed me with an amazing family, who I will frequently refer to in my future posts. I have an amazing husband, henceforth referred to as "Big Love", a 2.5 year old son ("Boy Love"), and a brand new son born last week ("Baby Love"). I have a mother and father living in Oregon where I grew up. They have been happily married for almost 30 years (that is what I say when I can't remember the exact year they were married), and I plan on being just as happy as they are when I am married for that long. I have a little sister ("Cheetah") who is my best friend. She is currently serving her country overseas as a medic in the Army. I miss her somethin' fierce.

Apart from introducing those in my life who play the largest roles, I am going to let my future blogs speak for themselves. There is no reason at all to give you a timeline of my life, but it is dreadfully important that you are familiar with my family set-up. Family is what is most important to me besides my God. It also happens to be all I am focusing on at this point in my journey.

That brings me to my blog. Why would I need a blog? I find myself in a place that I have never expected to be, and I feel that a blog will help me sort through different feelings that, for lack of a better term, plague my mind and heart. I always saw myself as a career woman. I have wanted to bring the arts (fine and performing) into a church setting since I was in college. I figured that I would get married young, create a small stir in the church, start a career, then attempt having a family. Alas, God had different plans. After getting pregnant in college (Boy Love came swiftly after), my path made a really hard right-hand turn toward family. Now, I find myself married with two children, and hoping sometime to get a dog. I have been extremely stressed about being the mother of two children, and I have had to continually tell myself that I can do it. I figure, if women have been having multiple children since the beginning of time, why couldn't I? That brought me to the title of my blog "If Eve Can Do It..." (in reference to Adam's Eve). She had two boys...probably even more than that. And she didn't even have Diaper Genies, wipe warmers, or bouncy chairs to keep her kids comfortable. This should be a cinch for me. However, this is all very unfamiliar territory, and I long to have all the answers. Is that realistic? Of course not. But there is no harm in trying, right?

I would like this blog to be more of an open discussion between myself and all my friends. My posts can be a topic starter, but I would love to hear comments from all of you. All of you are in different points in your lives, and all opinions/comments/rants/encouragments/critiques are welcomed in my house. I will also try and keep a running poll on my page for more interactive fun. So please, comment. Let me know what you are thinking. Let me know that I am completely off-base, or that I am totally right on, dude. I want to be a better person.

Until my next post, I bid you all adieu.

Happy reading, and happy evening.


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