Friday, April 24, 2009

Thin and Pretty

Daily specs:

Attainable Goal: Paint my toenails. Did not accomplish said goal.
Grievance: I discovered that Boy Love is capable of carrying (dragging) Baby Love around the house by his arms.
Celebration: I exercised at home for the first time post-delivery.

Short blog: Reason? I feel very much like I shall vomit all over myself and my poor little Mac.

I am very proud to say that this pregnancy has been a great motivation for me to exercise regularly. Once I quit water polo to become a thespian, exercising went the way of the dogs. As per usual for many thespians. There is just simply no time to exercise when you spend all hours of the day in the theatre. However, I now find myself on theatre hiatus which leaves me with no excuse to continue my lazy ways. I was pretty good at going to the Y regularly, and I am still excited about going to the Y again when I get the okay from my doc.

Until then, I am attempting to exercise at home. Also a good choice when I have two small ones that I have no interest in carting in and out of the car every day. I found a great work-out on the internet that I began today. At least, I think it is a great workout. My legs are all wobbly, which makes me think that I actually worked.

4-day rotating workout. Legs, abs, arms, chest/back. I want it to work. I yearn to be thin. Sure, healthy is good, too, but that is just a bonus. I want to be thin and pretty. At least I am aware that I am being very shallow.


  1. thank you, oh loving sister, for reminding me that i will never have children. i will simply love YOUR children and leave you to deal with "pregnancy body". i think you are handling those types of side effects much better than i ever could. go on, call me shallow and not even close to as amazing as you...

  2. you are shallow and not as amazing as me. just joking.

  3. One word about piciking up the baby - My oldest nephew was caught several times doing this. My sister-in-law threatened him saying "Don't ever pick up the baby again." The next time she left the room and returned, both boys were gone. At the end of the hall the 2 year old was in his room and the baby was on the floor. "What did I just tell you?" she said. Proudly he replied, "But, I didn't pick him up, I rolled him down the hall." See what you have to look forward to. Happy to report they are happy and healthy 18 and 16 year olds now.

  4. Oh, good. They are still alive! I have to say that I really freaked out when I saw him dragging the baby down the hall. I am quite sure he was doing it to be helpful, but nonetheless, fear is instilled into my very being. It has happened in the short moments that I leave the room to put something away. Heavens forbid I have to do something as time consuming as going to the bathroom...