Thursday, August 20, 2009

Mean Kids

Daily Specs:

Attainable Goal: There are my to-do list.
Grievance: Must shower yet again after sweaty room-cleaning endeavour.
Celebration: Boy Love is rock star re: potty training.

Boy had a free ice cream from Chick-fil-A, so a couple days ago we go as a treat for his amazing ability to pee in the toilet. The thing that Boy loves most about Chick-fil-A is the indoor play place. It is perfectly sized for his smallishness, yet provides enough challenge for him to find it amusing. Not to mention, Chick-fil-A is usually crawling with wee little friends. This trip was no different.

After ice cream was eaten (as I sat looking at it lustfully, not to cheat on my new diet) we marched onward to the play place. For a while, it was just Boy making his way through the plastic maze, calling lovingly to Phinny and me through every available dirty plastic window. Then four new boys, ages ranging between 4 and 7, came in to do the same. Their mothers, obviously friends, came in, removed their shoes, told them to behave, then retreated to their table where they had a Mom Date. As soon as they left the room, their children turned into little terrors. Boy, who was more than thrilled to have some tiny comrades, was trying to make conversation and join in their games. Ever the socialite, he follows them, goes down the slide after them, and congratulates them when they do something considered amazing. These boys were NOT amused. In return for my son's friendliness, they called him "stupid" and a "baby", refused to let him into whatever bubbly platic orb they had inhabited, pushed him down the stairs with their feet, and one boy kicked him in the head. I was SO appalled. I pulled Boy out of the tubes, told him that he didn't deserve to be treated mean by these boys. As soon as his shoes were on, we left.

Before I ask what I should have done, let me tell you what I wanted to do. I wanted to sit those boys down, get in their faces, and let them know that how they have treated my son is completely unacceptable behaviour. I wanted to stop at the Mom Date table and let them know that their children are being terrible. However, I do not believe that it is ANYONE'S place to parent other kids, or tell a parent how to discipline their children. That was not my place to do so. I DO believe that at the age of almost 3, my child is not old enough to protect himself. That is my job. Until he is old enough to make wise decisions, I am his protector. It is my job to keep him from situations that will cause him harm or teach him behaviours that are unacceptable. So that is what I did.

Any thoughts? If you were me, what would you have done? If you were the parent of the other children, would you have wanted me to say something to you?


  1. it takes a village. i personally would want to know if one of my kids is acting appallingly so that i can sit them down and talk to them about it, remind them of acceptable behavior, and discuss why they were acting the way they did. now mind you. i don't want a tattletale mommy lion who gets up in my business because my daughter doesn't want to play with her kid or isn't sharing. some things need to be worked out between the kids. but things like violence, name calling, teasing and bullying, those deserve to be addressed, not for the sake of others but for the sake of my child.
    that said, those moms were pretty neglectful to just drop their darlings off unsupervised to chill in a different part of the restaurant, and probably don't care how their little sociopaths treat other kids, as long as they get their grown up time. those kids are too young to be alone on a play structure.

  2. I don't have a child, but i agree with Ava!

  3. it actually makes my heart hurt to think that someone could be mean to my nephew. i dont have wise advice for you, but i do want to kick some 4-7 year old ass

  4. i still can't wait to teach asher to punch those kids' lights out! BAM POW