Sunday, August 23, 2009

Kids do the Darndest Things

Daily Specs:

Attainable Goal - Switch laundry from washer to dryer. Even such a small and meaningless task will require all of my physical effort.
Grievance - I want something sweet. I have not had anything sweet except a banana in over a week.
Celebration - Even while on my period, I am still maintaining my weight.

Yesterday Boy, Baby and I met some friends at the zoo. We were not the only people who had the grand idea of going to the zoo yesterday. It was not only packed, but there was a big special event for firemen and their families, so the place was crawling with humanity. Boy's favourite part of the park is the water fountains in the Children's Zoo. It is one of those fountains that little spurts of water randomly shoot up from the ground. Lots of children are frolicking from geyser to geyser, shrieking uncontrollably and flailing their wee limbs in excitement. There is, however, a very small boy standing next to his mother not ten feet from me. He is a little pudgy asian child, perhaps 11 months old. He is looking at the other children playing and smiling at what he sees, but he is obviously intimidated by all the big kids and running.

Boy, who has been playing with the other children, notices this little boy on one of his many juice stops and does something amazing. He walks up to the him, introduces himself, and just stands there with him, watching the other kids. While they watch, Boy Love tells the little boy what is happening ("Fountain! Water fall down! Running running!") and points out his new friends. Then, the zoo train chugs along by, and Boy helps the little guy wave hello to the train passengers, who wave back. After standing there for a while, Boy heads back out to the water, looking behind him ever couple steps, and waving the little boy to come with him. "Come on! Come on play-friend!" The child is grinning and laughing at Boy Love. He fumbles his way down the steps to the water, and Boy holds his hand into the middle of the fun.

It is things like this that warm my heart. My son is so caring and loving. He was able to seek out a child alone, befriend him, and take him from wallflower to the dance floor. He is far more of a friend than I ever have been, and someday I hope to be like him.


  1. What a sweetheart! Though I do want to hone in on that last sentence of yours... "more of a friend than I ever have been" is an entirely untrue statement. Passing by the fact that I was one of those wall flowers and you that dancer pulling me onto the 'floor'... there have been several reports of intimidated ppl you made feel loved and seen. (Jennifer Dolphin, Sam Hockett, Anna whatever her name was, etc..) Not only did you single handeldly pull one young alto into music reading glory in choir, but you injected joy into many an awkward misfit. Made them feel special, heard, noticed and loved. And I was the lucky friend who got to follow in your expample. You have no idea how often it was your hand pulling me to the water fountain, and how grateful I am now. There isn't a doubt in my mind that the precious spirit Boy Love portrayed comes straight from you...

  2. It's always a great feeling when your kids do something great.

  3. i agree with beth. he did that because he sees YOU do that.

  4. Thanks, Beth. That means a lot.

  5. Ooo, that made me tear up. He really is such a sweet and loving kid! And you are AMAZING with him!