Sunday, August 9, 2009

Annoyance List

Daily Specs:

Attainable Goal - Go to the dumpster before varmints eat our trash in the middle of the night
Grievance - Had to leave church early due to restless baby
Celebration - Boy Love is re-inventing his potty training, not wanting to get "dismissed" from preschool.

Here is my current list of annoyances:

- The grating sound of fingernails scraping against dry flesh in an attempt to scratch an itch or irritation.

- People who spend 5 minutes doing an 11-point maneuver trying to back into a parking space for the sole purpose of making it faster to get out of. Because in their mind it will take longer than 5 minutes to back out of that same parking spot. Or take more points than 11.

- When people honk during peak traffic hours just because the traffic isn't moving. What is that possibly helping? Who is going to move just because you honked?

- Alton Brown. If I hear one more food pun, I shall grate my fingernails against my own skin just to drown out the sound of lame humour.

- When people use every possible avenue to express their political distaste EXCEPT for their own voices.

- Sports Center sob stories that replay over and over again.

- Baby clothes with an unnecessary number of teeny tiny snaps.

Any others that I did not think of?


  1. Oh dear.. please don't get me started!

    At any rate, I hear ya, sista, on all counts. *thumps chest, throws out the peace sign*

  2. The drop of milk that falls off the spoon and onto your chin when eating cereal.

    Peeps who place store bought park benches in their landscaping where no one will ever sit

  3. Ice cream shops that advertise "healthy toppings"

  4. i can't really comment on this post without revealing a whole lot of personal problems and, let's face it, this isn't about me. i will say, there is nothing worse than people who will find every excuse not to take responsibility for their behavior. it's one thing if you're a teenager who is pushing boundaries; it's another if you are a grown adult.
    i also twitch when i see poor treatment of retail workers.

  5. when people refer to things such as mini coke cans or mini deoderant containers as "cute"